Reasons why IMEI are not FOUND:

1) Invalid IMEI (Re-Check your IMEI)

2) IMEI is requested through wrong Network. Example: T-Mobile IMEI is requested through AT&T Service. Note: Networks only database unlock codes for their phones.

3) IMEI is requested prior to scheduled release date by Network Note: Networks will release unlock codes but not prior to certain date or age of device.

4) IMEI is lost/stolen, fraud, past due balance and will not be released by Network.

5) IMEI is requested through wrong Factory service Example: HTC G2 is requested through LG G2 service. Alternative Services: LG: LG Server 1/2 (Instant) HTC: Super New HTC Motorola: Motorola Express 1-2 Business Days Pan tech:: Pan tech Factory    

Unlocking "Lingo"

1) Clean = Simply means your IMEI must be clean and paid off not under any contracts and or meets the carriers direct unlock policy 

2) Semi Premium = This supports all Clean / Financed / Contract Phones or most status EXCEPT Lost/Stolen/Blacklist

3) Premium = This Supports ALL IMEI including but not limited to Blacklisted devices 

 Please Note sometimes certain Semi Premium Services will support more than just clean/financed/&Contract Phones